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Corporate Massage

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Kid Camp Programme

Statistics from the most recent large-scale survey in the UK shockingly reveal that 25% of boys and 33% of girls aged between two and 19 years are overweight or obese
The governments set out to tackle this challenge by aiming to have 85% of all children to have access to 2 hours of quality PE per week.  However, much research suggests that Children aged 2 years and above should be participating in at least 60 minutes of moderate exercise per day.
For more details and information about the state of the nation:

Project Body UK's Programme
Physical activity is important in the development of not only stronger muscles, bones and cardio vascular systems but also in their emotional and psycological growth.

Commonly recognised benefits of exercise:
·           Improved cardio vascular fitness
·          Reduced obesity challenges
·          Improved strength
·          Improved muscular endurance
·          Large Motor skill development
There are also a number of vital unseen benefits that arise from children exercising
·           Improved sleep patterns allowing for better brain functionality
·          Reduced stress on the body and improved mental well being
·          Lowered blood pressure
·          Increased muscular flexibility
·          Improved co-ordination
·          Improved confidence & self esteem
·          Massively reduces the risk of developing chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, high blood pressure
·          Creating a basis for a long term healthy lifestyle and improving their perception of wellness
·          Children that are more physically active are more likely to be academically motivated and alert in school
·          Increase their social network by mixing with other children and ages
·          Greater body awareness
·          Develop team work skills
·          Improved reaction times
·           Improved Hand/foot eye co-ordination
·          Lifestyle education
Project Body UK’s Kidz Camp program sets out to offer a structured but fun after school kids boot camp based on the adult versions that the company has been running since January 2013.  The aim is to work on 4 key area’s
·         CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH & MUSCULAR FITNESS- including flexibility, speed, agility and plyometric abilities.
·          LOCOMOTOR SKILLS- Running, Jumping, controlled body movements.  
·         SOCIAL SKILLS- developing teamwork and participation skills are incorporated daily. The kids are often challenged with a creative and social element to solve.
·         PSYCHOLOGICAL DRIVE- focus and mental stress release are effects from exercise. We create situations to encourage success along with inclusion games to build self-esteem and confidence. The FUN aspect builds good habits and motivation
·         Project Body UK believes that learning and enjoying fitness activities will nourish the whole child and enrich their lives. The child will blossom while being exposed to safe age-appropriate exercises designed to improve coordination, body awareness, locomotor Skill and agility. The program stresses the balance of fitness with flexibility and kid’s nutrition
Program Details:
We would look to run sessions once a week with mixed age and sex groups. 
Sessions would last for 60 minutes with time set aside prior to commencing for children to change into the appropriate clothing and footwear
Sessions would be designed to incorporate the key focus area’s of strength, cardio vascular, flexibility, social development and ultimately FUN
Activities would include:
·         Circuit based sessions with interval training
·         Fast energetic games or exercise with music
·         Fun cardio based team games
·         Competitive races with obstacles and activities to encourage skill development
·         Education based games to encourage nutritional and health awareness
·         Talks/discussions during cool downs regarding nutrition, benefits of exercise and wellness advice

      We believe that the sessions should be designed to encourage long term change both in the child’s mind set but also their families.  With parents being the main role model in a child’s life we believe project Body UK is perfectly placed to be able to do this by offering adult and child sessions within the local community.

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