Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Motivation to get fit

Motivation to get fit!

Do you need motivation to get fit?

Any of the following reasons should be motivation enough!

1) Increase your lifespan.

2) Help you sleep better.

3) Reduce you daily stress levels

4) Improve your eating habits by encouraging a healthy lifestyle

5) Make life more pleasurable by having the energy to enjoy life

6) Improve your sex life

7) Reduce your chance of getting ill

8) Increase the amount of seratonin in your blood.  This is your bodies natural happy drug

9) Improve self esteem

10) Maybe even change your life.  We know of many people who have embarked on a fitness regime only to take it up as a career or even the improved motivation, self esteem and character it has given them has driven them to do something different.

You will never know where life takes you if you can just make that initial step.  Personal training can help, as can fitness membership.  The first step however comes from within.  YOU should be your biggest fan and You should be your biggest motivator. Don't rely on others to get you there, but instead use their knowledge, skills and expertise to deliver the results you already know you are capable of!


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