Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Why choose Personal Training? - Project Body UK

In today’s society and economic crisis more and more people are making financial cut backs to stay out of debt. One of the first things to go is gym membership as this is seen as a luxury and not something we need. This also means more and more people are reluctant to buy or try personal training due to the cost.
But what price do you put on a healthier lifestyle, the buzz of achieving your goals or the numerous benefits gained by having a personal trainer. Yes you have the 1:1 tuition to motivate and guide you to achieve whatever it is you’ve set out to do. But you gain much much more!
As the title states its PERSONAL training. You build a rapour with your instructor making the whole personal training experience more enjoyable and rewarding. Personal trainers will help and guide you to achieve your objectives while listening and getting to know you as a person so they are able to tailor your sessions to suit not only your goals but your personality. The trainer is there for you and you only. They will inspire, motivate and encourage you to believe in yourself. Trainers are there to ensure you reach your goals and be the best you can be in or out of the gym environment. You will learn skills to take into everyday life and educate you to become a better you.
What you also need to consider is that a large number of personal trainers today do not work out of a gym.  This means no gym memberships are required and you will get to enjoy training at a location to suit you.  For some people this would save you £50-£90 a month.  If like us you find a business that offers classes as well you may even get your additional sessions free. We always offer free Bootcamp, metafit and Kettlercise sessions to our PT clients.  So for £100 a month you get far more than a gym.
As a business we train the large majority in Rushcliffe Country Park.  This offers a wide variety of training options, all with a great outdoor view.  Yes it may rain at times, yes it may be cold outside, but that beats an air conditioned gym anytime.  Being outdoors, allows you to utilise the natural surroundings to add variety.  
For those who don’t enjoy the outdoors there is home training, training at work in a boardroom.  Train where you want to and don’t be limited by believing you need to join a gym. 
The other added benefit is for those who are nervous, who have never joined a gym.  We see these every day and for many they have spent months if not years thinking of exercising but too nervous to start.  A personal trainer to you is perfect to build confidence.
Take time to research and don’t be afraid to change if they don’t suit.

The important thing is make that choice and get started!

“It’s never too late to become what you might have been”

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