Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Corporate Wellness Programmes

It has been proven that corporate fitness and wellness programs not only improve employee fitness but improve morale and, productivity and reduce absenteeism.  All of which have a striking impact on both turnover and profit levels at all the business that were studied.
In a period of  tough trading it can also allow your business to remain competitive, allow you to attract the best employees, and to improve employee retention and engagement rates.

• Almost 90% made positive changes to their lifestyle, i.e. became more active, drank less alcohol, smoked less and ate more healthily
• 80% felt healthier and more active
• Almost 50% of participants felt they were more productive at work as a result of Active at Work
• 90% of participants claimed that they would continue to be more active, more often
• 64% of participants acknowledged that the programme and access to professional instructors and gyms were the biggest motivators to sustain their involvement in physical activity and helped them review and change their lifestyle. •
“It gave me the opportunity to go to a gym, and opened my eyes to how to get healthier whilst having fun. I’m now motivated to exercise regularly.” (Premier Foods, Food Manufacturer

Workplace therapy, fitness and wellness programs have a number of benefits:
Create a feeling of well being amongst employees
Create a sense of loyalty
Allows for reward and recognition
Improve posture and work station ache and pains
Increase productivity and concentration
Reduce stress
Promote healthy living 
Promotes your business as an investor in people

What Services are available to business clients:

Weight Management Courses

We have designed our own weight management course designed to fit into your workplace.  By ensuring time for regular measuring, fitness and nutrition advice as well as as short class.

Seated acupressure massage 

15-20 minute clothed massage sessions designed to offer employees a non time intrusive but stress relieving massage session.  these are best when booked as a half or full day session.  

Individual sports massage or holistic massage sessions

45 - 60 minute sports massage sessions.  All is required is a private room to enable clients to undress an receive treatments in private.

Group exercise sessions

We can offer any of the classes included in our Class page including circuits, kettlercise, bootcamp and boxercise.  All we require is a suitable room or outdoor area to deliver the class

Wellness stations  

Fitness & wellness sessions that will provide employees with blood pressure and body fat testing as well as advice on how to improve lifetyle and fitness.  This is a health awareness session

Personal Training Sessions  

We can offer employees 1-1 or group personal training sessions in work or outside.  Allowing them access to trainers with their fitness goals in mind.

Team Building Sessions

We will deliver a 3 hour session designed to bring teams of people closure together through carefully designed games and activities.  The aim is to provide situations in which teams of people work closely together to solve a series of challenges.

Bespoke Options

We can build a team building day to suit you. Some teams may respond to group exercise in a board room whilst some may respond better with team games or even a boot camp in the open air. You tell us and we will construct a day or session to suit you.
With many years of corporate business experience  we understand that all organisations are different, facing unique challenges and different financial and employee demographics.  With this is mind we do not offer set packages but instead we look to build bespoke options for your individual needs.  
We can offer services based on full or part company contribution.  For some offering a part paytment towards a fitness package is all the help they need to make that step to improving their wellbeing.
For details and for a personalized quote please contact us at or call Rachel on 07722869227

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